Experience Intensive Imagination!

Education and vacation: a wonderful combination

Dates: May 22 - June 5, 2021

Learn and experience Intensive Imagination with Emily Hess, in Ikaria (Greece)

A seminar on a magical island in the turquoise-green Aegean Sea of Greece. Would you like to take some time for yourself? Learn a new method that you can apply in individual and group work? Here you can combine learning with relaxation and joy of life!

Wonderful sound experiences, rituals and imaginary journeys that you can experience daily, in addition to the days off by the sea or in the mountains, make you rediscover your life and enjoy it deeply.

I look forward to meeting you!

Emily Hess


Intensive training 64 hours 720 Euros (excluding accommodation, meals and travel costs)

Seminar location: Hotel Cavos Bay, Ikaria / Greece

Dates: May 22 - June 5, 2021



Imaginary Journeys 1: Creating SOUNDspaces –

Effectively surround stories, meditations and poetry


 Core content

  • How can I give imaginary journeys, stories, fairy tales and poems more liveliness, lightness and effect through sound?
  • Turning meditations or poems into music in order to add more expression to their purpose
  • Application of Sangha Meditation Bowls
  • Suggestions and tips for designing professional offers
  •  This seminar is aimed at everyone who likes to tell stories, to guide meditations and lyrical texts, or would like to work with imagery in individual and group settings, or as a coach for different issues.
  • In this seminar you will learn to deepen the effect of imaginary journeys and texts through the creative use of singing bowls and gongs.


In a lively atmosphere, many practically-oriented exercises will teach you how to create beautiful "sound colors", which will make stories sound more powerful.

Theory and practice units alternate in the seminar.

For this seminar you can receive advanced education credits for professional caregivers.


Prerequisites: none

Recognized for: “Relaxation Coach for Imaginary and Sound Journeys”, “Peter Hess® Sound Relaxation Coaching”, “Peter Hess® Life Coaching (KliK®)”, “Child SOUND Relaxation Coaching (KliK®)”, “Peter Hess® Sound Education (KliK®)”, “Peter Hess® Sound Therapy”, “Peter Hess® Gong Master”

Duration: 16 hours (incl. script study)



Imaginary Journeys 2: - Design individual imaginary journeys with speech and sound


Core content


  • Characteristics and use of speech that does not lead to any resistance of the listener (attentive, loving and gentle)
  • Practice writing your own imaginary journeys
  • Individual adaptation to the issue and the character of the person to whom the imaginary journey is offered
  • Individual and group work
  • Sounding imaginary journeys for your relaxation


In this seminar we learn to write our own imaginary journeys. We extensively focus on language, as it plays a major role in the effect of our imaginary journeys. There is something magical about speech. Through speech we come into contact with other people, we represent ourselves, tell about our lives, and ask others to do something. Speech can shape the world, especially when it is used imaginatively. Listeners who are in deep relaxation directly convert every picture, which we paint by speaking, into an inner image. Inner images in turn create reality.


Sounding imaginary journeys can help to:


  • Develop new ideas in life
  • Discover healthy ways
  • Facilitate learning
  • (Re)discover spirituality
  •  Find creative solutions
  •  and much more…


After this seminar, you will be able to write your own imaginary journeys that are specifically tailored to the needs of your client. This gives your imaginary journeys a unique characteristic.

For this seminar you can receive advanced education credits for professional caregivers.


Prerequisites: Imaginary Journeys I

Recognized for: “Relaxation Coach for Imaginary and Sound Journeys”, “Peter Hess® Sound Relaxation Coaching”, “Child SOUND Relaxation Coaching (KliK®)”, “Peter Hess® Life Coaching (KliK®)” “Peter Hess® Sound Education (KliK®)”, “Peter Hess® Sound Therapy”

Duration: 16 hours (incl. script study)



Gong – Imagination and Ritual


Core content


  • Sensitization of hearing and feeling
  • Imagery, meditations and rituals
  • Experiencing sound spaces as spaces of silence


In this seminar we focus on the sound of the gong during the experience of hearing and feeling. Each gong has its own song. This has to be discovered and to be regained and deepened during imagery. The gong should be allowed to develop its protective power during a meditation or ritual. Perceive its sound in your mind as a magic key to mindfulness. We create a healing space in which sound and silence can be deeply experienced, and in which the distance between a person and the world loses its meaning.

Self-awareness and integration into your own methods such as group work or yoga make this seminar particularly valuable.


Prerequisites: none

Recognized for: “Peter Hess® Gong Master”

Duration: 16 hours (incl. script study)


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