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How do I get to Ikaria?

This is very simple:

We will put together current flights options, which will be sent to you timely (approx. 2 months before the trip). Should you wish to book earlier, we recommend Aegean Air or the combination Lufthansa / Olympic to Athens.

Usually you have to spend a night in Athens. For your overnight stay we recommend Stavros, who rents out private rooms outside of Athens - very quiet!

His mobile phone number for booking in English is: 0030-6930889060

Stavros will pick you up from the airport and drop you off again. Uncomplicated and relaxing.



If you have questions, feel free to contact us. You should expect travel costs of approx. 400 Euros for a round trip.


Cost of vacation package excluding flight

Experience Intensive Imagination! 22.5. - 5.6.2021


Single room / land view 795,-€

Single room / sea view 860,-€

Double room (double bed) / land view 620,-€

Double room (double bed) / sea view 690.-€



Peter Hess Sound Massage Intensive 14.6.-27.6.2021


Single room / land view 795,-€

Single room / sea view 860,-€

Double room (double bed) / land view 590,-€

Double room (double bed) / sea view 660.-€



Peter Hess Wellness Sound Massage and Sound Transformation – Training and Inspirations 25.9.-8.10.2021


Single room / land view 795,-€

Single room / sea view 860,-€

Double room (double bed) / land view 590,-€

Double room (double bed) / sea view 660.-€



Experience Intensive Basic Trust! 11.-25.10. 2021


Single room / land view 840,-€

Single room / sea view 920,-€

Double room (double bed) / land view 620,-€

Double room (double bed) / sea view 690.-€



  • Room category
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Tourist tax
  • Bus transfer from the airport on the specified arrival date
  • Guidance by the instructor/assistant
  • Stay at Cavos Bay 3-star hotel in a simple room, with the option of luxurious rooms or studios.
  • Seminar fees
  • 4 dinners in taverns together with the seminar leaders
  • 1 one-hour hike to Nas followed by dinner together with the seminar leaders

We would like to point out that our Soundliving Academy seminars can only be booked as a package. Experience has showed that it would otherwise be much more expensive, as the additional offers are included in the seminar and cannot be selected individually. We want to enjoy a wonderful community, eat together and let ourselves be pampered, because we want to celebrate life together.

Celebrate your life on Ikaria!



Note on booking a double room

Booking a double room is only possible if you inform us, at the time of registration, who your room partner will be throughout the stay. We would like to point out that only the studios are large enough to stay in with friends. All other rooms have nice large double beds.




We have booked a certain number of rooms of each category. We will make every effort to fulfill all room requests, but already now ask for your understanding in case we do not have sufficient rooms of the respective category, or partners for double rooms available (in the latter case we will have to book you into a single room with a surcharge).

Please let us know your accommodation requirements as soon as possible on the attached registration form. The rooms will be assigned strictly according to the order of registration.

Seminar Schedule – Vacation Time

Arrival/departure dates are always on the first and the last specified date respectively.

The seminar consists of two consecutive days from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 (Peter Hess seminars) or 17:00 (Emily Hess seminars) to 20:00.


This is followed by a day of pure vacation on which we can arrange additional hikes (approx. 10 Euros/person, depending on the number of participants), recommend a dance lesson (if possible with Ursula Kastanias 15 Euros/person, minimum 8 participants), or on which you can experience events / dance festivals (if available).


Surround your vacation with wonderful offers

  • Imaginary Sound Journeys or Sound Meditations
  • Introduction to Sound Yoga
  • Peter Hess® Sound Massage


Der Blog des PHI: Die Welt des Klangs


Klangmarketing Klangseminare




Peter Hess®-Klangmassage

Ausbildungsseminare in der Klangmassage


Verkauf von Klangschalen und Zubehör


Fusion Flow®Yoga-Ausbildung

Emily Hess®-Klangyoga Ausbildung

Senioren Yoga-Ausbildung





Emily Hess®-Klangyoga Ausbildung





auf der griechischen Insel Ikaria

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