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Intensive Course 2021


With the Peter Hess® sound massage, you decide for the original, a highly effective relaxation method, which Dipl.-Ing. For Physical Technology, Peter Hess, more than 30 years ago. The positive results led to a rapid further development of his method. Today it is used in the fields of wellness / relaxation, sound therapy and sound pedagogy.

Experience sound massage seminars and learn the method at the developer Peter Hess in Germany

Or experience the sound massage in one of the 22 Peter Hess® academies world wide.


Peter will be teaching mostly in German with English translation by qualified Peter Hess® method teachers.


Intensive Course 2021 with Peter Hess in Ikaria Island, Greece, 25.9.-08.10.2021 (+Final seminar: 2022 in Schweringen with Ulrich Krause) 64 lessons (+ 20 hours final seminar)

Course fee:


Intensive education: 64 hours, 960, - € + script costs: 30 € + Final seminar: 20 hours, 310, - €

= Training in the Peter Hess® sound massage 84 hrs, altogether 1360, - Euro (VAT included)


In a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere several days in the sound room, is possible in intensive training. So you learn not only new things, but also recover and recharge your batteries for your everyday life. The training is framed by sound meditations, which contribute to the harmony of the body, mind and soul and enable the integration of the learned. This makes learning the method easy.

The aim is to enable the participants to safely, purposefully and client-oriented the sound massage for relaxation and health prevention. The respective needs and problems of the clients are taken into account in an individually designed sound massage. The effect of the sound massage is experienced in the holistic sense. In addition, the use of the sound massage for relaxation is discussed, taking into account certain diseases. Relaxation is one of the most important foundations in health and burn-out prevention. In this way, you will be intensively trained to be resonant for the needs of your clients in order to tailor your sound offer.

The focus of the final seminar, which usually takes place approximately three months after the intensive week, is on the experience of the participants' experience and the joint preparation of problem solving. Upon completion of the training, i. Ie, at the end of the final seminar, the participants receive a certificate with the right to professionally apply the Peter Hess® sound massage in accordance with legal requirements.

Part of our training in the Peter Hess® sound massage is that the participants have to receive three sound massages from authorized trainees. This takes place in the three months between the intensive seminar and the final seminar. The costs for the 3 training sound massage of 65 € each should be taken into the total costs of the training. It is about experiencing, qualified sound massages for relaxation during this period.